Increasingly an ability to service your location is becoming the critical part of a location / unit manager's role. SPACE-2 work hard to maintain as many practical unitbases, tech & crew car parking sites across the UK regions.

From London to Liverpool & all the main production centres in between, if you are seeking a base, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss the best options we can offer for your project.


DSL001 - Beaconsfield

GPB001 - Surrey

HSH001 - SE. London

IRW001 - Worthing

KAC073 - SW. London

LWC002 - SW. London

NAH001 - SE. London

RPS001 - Manchester

SPS002 - SE. London

SQS001 - SE. London

SYC001 - Beaconsfield

WAB053 - Hampshire

YCH001 - Harrogate